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Jan P Meier-Kolthoff, Alexander F Auch, Daniel H Huson, and Markus Göker (2007)

COPYCAT : cophylogenetic analysis tool

Bioinformatics, 23(7):898-900.

Summary: We have developed the software COPYCAT which provides an easy and fast access to cophylogenetic analyses. It incorporates a wrapper for the program PARAFIT, which conducts a statistical test for the presence of congruence between host and parasite phylogenies. COPYCAT offers various features, such as the creation of customized host-parasite association data and the computation of phylogenetic host/parasite trees based on the NCBI taxonomy.

Availability: COPYCAT and its manual are freely available at

Contact: auch AT

Supplementary information: Results of the real-world example can be found at or Bioinformatics online.


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